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Self-harm is often misunderstood and the focus is on stopping it.




 People who self-harm are suicidal

 People who self-harm are attention seeking

 People who self-harm must like the pain

 Only young people self-harm

 People can stop self-harming if they want to

 Only women self-harm

 Self-harm is all about cutting

 If we can stop the person self-harming they will be fixed




 Self-harm is a coping mechanism and is not about suicide

 Self-harm is usually a private event and people only usually involve others when they need to

 Self-harming isn’t always about pain, sometimes the person doesn’t even feel it

 Self-harm can affect people of any age

 Men also self-harm

 Self-harm can take many forms

 There are other issues that may need to be addressed before the person can stop self-harming