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Hearing Voices Group


We offer a weekly peer group for adults who hear voices on a Wednesday from 10-3.  At this group you can also access one-to-one support to help manage your voices.  We can also offer open ended person centred counselling, by appointment.




Supporting someone who hears voices or uses self-harm can be difficult and lonely.

We offer a support group monthly from 6-8.



Self Harm (Woman Only)


At Time and Space we are client led and we take a harm minimization approach.  We have a first aid box where members can access dressings etc to help take care of wounds.


We offer open ended, person centred counselling.


We offer a weekly peer group every Sunday from 12-5 and members are welcome to come and stay for as long as they want.



Members only Women's Group


We offer a weekely women's group for members.  The women's group meets on a Monday from 10-3.  At this group members can also access one-to-one support and counselling.


Members only Men's Group


We offer a weekly men's group for members. The men's group meets on a Tuesday from 10-3.  At this group members can also access one-to-one support and counselling and male members are able to access support for self harm.


The members only groups are there to provide extra support for members.


In Work/Education Weekend Group


Fortnightly peer support group for people who hear voices and or self harm who are in work or education.  This group meets every second Saturday from 12.30 - 2.30




Our referral system is really simple.  You can self-refer by calling or emailing and we also take referrals from other services.  An initial meeting will be arranged where you will have a chance to ask any question you might have then you will be invited to the next meeting of your chosen group.


We do not offer any drop in Services so please contact us before coming along to the group.